Agile Messenger Customer Support
At the Agile Messenger Helpdesk we will try to solve your problems ASAP so that you can have uninterrupted use of Agile Messenger.
The most common questions are answered on our FAQ page, please read our FAQ page before submitting a trouble ticket.
IMPORTANT: If you are having problems registering your copy of Agile Messenger or if you are trying to transfer your license to a new phone or SIM card it is important that you identify yourself correctly and provide proof of payment. Please read the following instructions before contacting us regarding license and payment issues:

Identifying yourself:
  1. Customer ID – Your customer ID is located on the bottom of the first screen when you run Agile Messenger. This is a unique id that identifies your phone. You need to take note of this ID and quote this in your ticket.

    Note: iPhone clients don't have a Customer ID, simply enter 'iPhone' instead of a Customer ID.
Proof of Purchase
  1. 2CO.COM Order Number. This is a reference number given to you by a confirmation email sent by when you pay by Credit Card. If you paid through 2CO.COM please quote this number as proof of Purchase
  1. Paypal Subscription ID or Paypal Transaction ID. This is a reference number given to you by a confirmation email sent by Paypal when you pay by Paypal. If you paid through Paypal please quote this number as proof of Purchase.
To contact Agile Messenger Support click on "New Ticket". Our ticketing system allows us to track and respond efficiently to your requests.

When your tickets are responded to, a notification will be sent to your email address (Note: Agile Messenger will never resell your email address).

New Ticket
Submit a new ticket.

View Ticket
Check the status of and manage a previously submitted ticket.

Lost Ticket ID Retrieval
Recover your Ticket ID in case you lost it.
Custom IM Client Development Services
Agile Mobile develops custom branded IM clients for mobile operators, service providers and device manufactures. Supported protocols include: XMPP / Jabber, SIP/SIMPLE and IMPS.
Agile Messenger Now Available for iPhone
Agile Messenger now available for iPhone