About Agile IMPS
Agile IMPS is an OMA IMPS client solution which enables mobile device manufacturers rapid implementation of Instant Messaging and Presence Services on mobile handsets, cutting development costs and reducing time to market. Mobile network operators are enabled to provide a branded IMPS client to subscribers and to deploy IMPS services to legacy handsets already out in the field.

Built on the technology of Agile Messenger, the award winning mobile instant messaging software used daily by millions of users worldwide, AgileIMPS is the most reliable, fully featured and user friendly IMPS client available on the market today.

Agile IMPS feature set:
  • Support for OMA IMPS 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3
  • Instant Messaging
  • Content sharing with upload functionality
  • Instant multi media messaging
  • Integrated picture viewer, video player and audio player
  • International Language Support
  • Split Screen Messaging
  • Message Log
  • Smilie Support
  • Automatic Software Upgrades
  • Presence Management
  • Contact List Management
  • Data Traffic Counter
  • Watcher list
  • User groups
  • Group chat
  • Agile IMPS Feature Detail:
    Support for OMA IMPS 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3: Agile IMPS supports all servers developed according to the OMA IMPS 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 specifications.

    Instant Messaging: Sending and receiving instant messages to and from contacts, on an individual or group basis.

    Content sharing with upload functionality: Users can share multi media files with other IMPS users. Users can access the camera and audio recorder directly from within the software and send voice and picture messages to their contacts. The upload functionality is seamlessly integrated in the background.

    Instant multi media messaging: Users can send instant multi media messages through IMPS servers that support this functionality.

    Integrated picture viewer and audio player: Picture messages and attachments can be viewed directly from within the software. Incoming audio messages are played back instantly or can be played back at the push of a button, depending on the user's preference.

    International Language: character encoding of all international languages is supported.

    Split Screen Messaging: With separate tabs to identify and select between multiple active conversations.

    Message Log: The system maintains a history of messages sent and received, and a record of the actual conversation.

    Smiley Support: Agile Messenger supports graphical smilies or "emoticons".

    Automatic Software Upgrades: Agile IMPS automatically checks for, and downloads new software versions and features.

    Presence Management: Users receive contact status information and control how their availability, presence and mood information is made available to others.

    Contact List Management: Users easily search for, add, remove and change entries. Users can create multiple contact lists. Agile IMPS automatically checks for, and downloads the most up to date contact list from the IMPS server allowing users that change their device to easily migrate their contact list.

    Data Traffic Counter: The data counter dialog box displays a log of incoming and outgoing data traffic in kilo bytes.

    Watcher list: Users can subscribe to presence information of their contacts and view who is subscribed to their own presence information.

    User groups: Users can create groups of contacts and distribute text messages, picture messages and voice messages to the whole group in a single action.

    Group chat: Users can join and create chat rooms allowing multiple users to be in a conversation simultaneously.
    Supported platforms include:
  • Symbian Series 60, 80, 90
  • Symbian UIQ
  • Microsoft Smartphone
  • Microsoft Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile 5
  • J2ME
  • This software is not available for download to the public.
    Please contact us for licensing information.
    Custom IM Client Development Services
    Agile Mobile develops custom branded IM clients for mobile operators, service providers and device manufactures. Supported protocols include: XMPP / Jabber, SIP/SIMPLE and IMPS.
    Agile Messenger Now Available for iPhone
    Agile Messenger now available for iPhone