Agile Messenger FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
(2-1) Where can I download and try Agile Messenger for my phone?
You can download the latest version of Agile Messenger for your phone by clicking here

(2-2) I have tried Agile Messenger, now where can I purchase a license?
You can purchase Agile Messenger via Credit Card and Paypal at

(2-3) How do I configure my phone to use Agile Messenger
If you have Internet access from your handset, then Agile Messenger will automatically work. If you can't connect then there is something wrong with your GPRS connection.
There is no special configuration, other than entering the correct usernames and passwords, of the Agile Messenger software that you need to do in order to make it connect.
If you are using Agile Messenger for the first time and are getting the “unable to connect to server” message when you attempt to login then there is something wrong with your GPRS connection. GPRS may either be temporarily down in your area, you may not have your GPRS configured properly on your handset or your mobile network operator only provides limited WAP and email access under your current mobile plan.
Being able to load a WAP page in your WAP browser does not necessarily mean that you have full unrestricted Internet Access. In order to use Agile Messenger you need to have Internet access with full TCP/IP networking and access to ports 80, 443, 5190, 5050 and 1863. Yahoo®, ICQ® and AOL® may work with port 80 or 25. MSN® always requires port 1863 to be open.
Questions about GPRS connection issues should be directed at your mobile operator. When possible we recommend that you bring your handset to a service center of your mobile operator and ask them to configure an Internet Access Point for you. If such a service is not available then you should call the helpdesk and ask them to walk you through the steps of configuring your Internet Access Point. Some operators are able to send you a configuration SMS which will automatically add the Internet Access Point to your device. We understand it's frustrating to have connection difficulties but unfortunately there is not much we can do much to help you make your Internet access work as this is a service provided to you by your mobile operator and out of our control.

(2-4) I paid already but Agile Messenger is asking me to pay again
Changing your phone or SIM card may cause your Customer ID to change, invalidating your license. If this happens, open a ticket and provide your proof of purchase by quoting your new Customer ID along with your 2CO.COM order number or Paypal Subscription Number or Paypal Transaction ID

(2-5) If I buy a new phone, can I transfer my Agile Messenger license to my new phone?
Yes you can! As long as you have a valid license for Agile Messenger you can transfer it to your new phone.
Please take note of your Customer ID on your phone now (its located on Agile Messenger’s start up screen) and you new Customer ID when you get a new phone.
If your Customer ID differs just write in to ask us to transfer your license from your old Customer ID to new Customer ID.
You can download Agile Messenger for your new phone by clicking here

(2-6) I just paid but my phone is still asking me to pay, what's going on?
You may have made a typo while entering your Customer ID on our order form. Please provide us with your proof of purchase and your correct Customer ID and we will correct your license.

(2-7) Does buying a Permanent License mean I don’t have to pay again?
Yes, our Permanent License is just that – a One time payment as opposed to periodic subscriptions.

(2-8) I lost my proof of purchase, what can I do?
If you lost your proof of purchase you can give our helpdesk the following information so that we can track your purchase manually.
a. Mode of Purchase – 2CO.COM or Paypal
b. The email address you used when you were paying

(2-9) I entered the wrong customer ID during Payment, what can I do?
You can provide us your proof of purchase AND the correct Customer ID and we will transfer your license to the correct customer ID.

This software is not available for download to the public.
Please contact us for licensing information.

Click here to contact Customer Support
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Agile Mobile develops custom branded IM clients for mobile operators, service providers and device manufactures. Supported protocols include: XMPP / Jabber, SIP/SIMPLE and IMPS.
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